We lead with integrity and put people first.

We are diligent and work intelligently.

We value communication and active listening.

We invest in technology and empower our community.

We are collaborative and inclusive.

We gravitate toward solutions.

We are thoughtfully curious and persistent.

We love the beauty of Design and the gift of possibility.

We know that execution is equally important as an idea.

We are passionate.

We understand messages can get lost in translation.

We like to build relationships along with architecture.

We are transparent and always flexible when necessary.

We design possibility while remaining grounded in reality.

We respect time, yours and ours.  

We celebrate the wins and learn through all challenges.

We love what we do and we’re really good at it.

We create.

Briana Y. Earl      Polley Wong   
Co-Founders, We Create Group

Born out of the need for collaboration, We Create Group is the brainchild of Polley Wong and Briana Earl. We Create Group set to establish collaboration amongst designers and architects, with the belief that our ideas and concepts are developed and executed better in a collaborative network. Since its launch in 2016, We Create Group has designed creative and innovative projects and residential, retail, hospitality, and office design. Innovation is at the core of its design practices, along with the desire to continually push the boundaries of design & technology.
We Create Group
Architecture & Design
Professional Design Services

The beginning is the most important part of the work.”


The process of creating solutions wrapped in beauty is the most exciting part of the work for We Create Group.  

Operating in all 5 boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and Los Angeles, each location brings different design challenges and elements.  We’re building a reputation for quality, character and thoughtfulness that evoke definitive mood, elegant whimsy, and total client delight.

CONTRACT is a division catering to the needs of commercial clients with design and strategy.  

Our goal is to provide a vertically integrated solution for companies in the areas of branding, graphic design, logo and conceptual graphics, marketing and strategy.

Our process focuses on key principles of to holistically address the needs of our clients with the guest experience to arrive at a human-centered perspective.

For more information, please visit CONTRACT.

We know how challenging running an interior design business can be.  As an extension of our collaborative network, We Create Group powers designers and firms as an extension of their company.  

For more information, please visit our Professional Design Services page