Startup Creative Space for Majestyk Apps

Can Interior Design stabilize startups’ company culture, branding and support rapid growth?

Majestyk Apps is a New York-based company that builds technologies to enable the innovation of businesses looking toward the future. Their mission is to do more than just build cutting-edge products but to shape industries through digital transformation. Majestyk want to be at the forefront of how technology can impact the world and empower companies to thrive in the Digital Age.

Majestyk Reception Area

We Create Group was invited to collaborate with VP & Creative Mark García and reimagine Majestyk’s new office space that could support their creative culture and extreme growth

Project Details

Project Type: Commercial Office

Year: 2018

Status: Schematic Design

Size: 3,600 sq. ft.

Program: Reception. 2 departments that’s separated, but related. Entertainment Lounge. Open Office. 3 Conference Rooms.

Services: Interior Design

Client: Majestyk Apps